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MN Practitioner Professional Practice CE

2021 4 hr. PP Retail Is Theater (MN PP Retail-2021)

This 4 hour MN Professional Practice Course consists of using theatrics, this class will create the ideal script to share your retail story. Designing the set (retail design and layout), managing the characters (products and people working in your salon) and making the standing ovation(product sales) - this course is designed to help fuel the creative side of retailing and find a new perspective on creating the importance of retail for any business.
You will have 14 days from the date of purchase to complete this course. Upon completion of the items, a certificate will be issued.
  • Provided By
  • How to Navigate Around the Course
  • Theater and History
  • Writing a Good Story
  • Technology of Story Telling
  • New Wave Retail Theater
  • How to Sell a Pencil
  • Retail Interactions: Actors and Audience Participation
  • Grand Selections as a Director
  • Body Language
  • Planning your Hiring and Selection of Products for Retail Theater
  • 15 Trends Changing The Face of Beauty Industry
  • Product Selection
  • Vendor Relationships
  • 5 Tips For Choosing The Right Brand Partner
  • Service Provider Acknowledgement
  • Hiring Non Retail Person for Retail
  • Audience
  • Messaging Your Audience
  • Messaging for Your Team
  • Retail Goals
  • Retail Goals
  • Retail is theater SALES Part 1
  • Retail is theater SALES Part 2
  • Retail is theater SALES Part 3
  • Retail is theater SALES Part 4
  • Retail is theater SALES Part 5
  • Retail is theater SALES Part 6
  • Managing Your Retail
  • Managing Your Retail
  • Managing Part 1
  • Managing Part 2
  • Managing Part 3
  • Retail Design: Setting The Stage
  • Retail Setting the Stage
  • Space Setting the Stage
  • Merchandising and Marketing
  • Evolving World of Beauty
  • BeaconTechnology
  • retail pitfalls: stealing the stage
  • Retail Pitfalls Stealing the Stage
  • Education Planning
  • Retail scripts: education first
  • Retail Scripts Education First
  • Paying the players
  • Retail Paying the Players
  • Retail Tips
  • Sales Use
  • Use Tax for Businesses
  • wordsmith
  • Retail Wordsmith
  • marketing your story
  • Retail Marketing Your Story
  • encore
  • Retail Encore
  • Completion
  • How to Renew your License
  • Thank you
  • Survey
Completion rules
  • All units must be completed
  • Leads to a certification with a duration: Forever